About Us

I have lived in Gilbert most of my life and I graduated school as a Practical Technologist in Radiology in 2009. After experiencing what it was like with 2 kids in daycare my husband and I decided it was time for me to stay home and be the one to raise our children. As a stay at home mom I was becoming a little restless and wanted to do some kind of work around my kids’ schedules. I realized quickly with the schedule that I had it would be best to work for myself. I had always admired those who can make their own schedules and answered to themselves. I used to be a UV tanner, laying out or in a tanning bed until I started noticing some age spots and becoming more aware of the damage the sun and UV tanning were causing. After getting my first spray tan, I was hooked! I thought this would be a pretty cool avenue if I could figure out a way to do it from home or someone else’s home. With lots of research and training I figured out a way to be a healthier, more safe tanner, while contributing to our little family. VIOLA I was able to conceive Bel Air Tans!!