Pre and Post Tan Care

Before your Tan:

You should make sure you exfoliate your skin before the session by using a spa grade exfoliator several hours prior to the spray. I recommend an exfoliating body wash that you may purchase right from me. By exfoliating 5-12 hours prior to being sprayed, the skin is able to naturally moisturize itself and as result the tan should last longer and stay more even. Also, make sure that the your skin is free of any products, including makeup, moisturizers, deodorant and perfumes. These products can act as a barrier to the solution, preventing even coverage and lasting results.

Day of your tan:

You should wear dark loose fitting clothing to the appointment. Undergarments or swimsuit are always recommended depending on your comfort level. It is always good to have some sort of tan line to give you a basis for the color variant of your tan. Remember, that DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is approved by the FDA for external use only.

After your tan:

Dress after about 8 minutes to ensure that you are dry, avoid sweating and activities that may cause sweating and possibly cause streaking. Avoid getting wet for at least 8 hours or you will stop the tanning action of the DHA. Avoid swimming and spas for 24 hours to prevent premature fading. WAIT TO SHOWER for at least 8 hours. Bathe with plain water for the first 24 hours after your tan to avoid fading.


After your tan use a shower gel, AVOID BAR SOAPS, or soaps containing mineral oil, as this breaks down the DHA, also avoid alcohol as this dries out the skin, and pat your skin dry.


This is SO important since your tan lasts as long as your skin lasts, just like a regular suntan. As your dead skin dries out and wears off so does your tan. I recommend a tan extender that you may purchase right from me.